No professionals here, we compete hard but make learning a priority for our team. EA also shares information on all the regattas we race in to make the world of sailing a smaller place.

The Manual

  • How do you efficiently run a boat in a regatta?
  • How do you organize your team?
  • Get the boat set up?
  • Train your team
Our manual provides the answers... Download the manual - Word Doc.

EA Dog Tags

  • No matter how much training you do before a regatta, sailing excellence is determined by a new crew members ability to execute on the water in the heat of battle. The EA "Dog Tags" keep everyone clear on their role and ready for their next move...

How to Sail a Regatta

  • Each regatta we've reviewed has specific instruction on how to sail optimally. To learn more about a specific regatta, please visit our Regatta Page.