The Escaped Aussies make a substantial charitable contribution to the local communities we race in. Sailors in these regattas realize how lucky they are and willingly support those less fortunate. At each Regatta the Escaped Aussies conduct a charitable giving campaign to be true to our Value of “Give Back”. We conduct all our charity work and charity fundraising through SailStrong, our Charity Arm.

Cork Week 2008

Kind regards and "Fair Winds and Calm Seas for 2009"
"The Escaped Aussies donation of €500 was a tremendous boost to the volunteer crew of Crosshaven Lifeboat who were out in force during Cork Week 2008. We saw it as a direct "thank-you" for what the lifeboats do. The spirit of the gift was tremendous as well! Here is a bunch of blokes from Australia, America, Germany, and the UK who came to our village for the week of racing and took the time and money to thank us. Thank-you Escaped Aussies - your tangible support is very much appreciated and we look forward to meeting you all again in 2010".
Anne Sweeney, Senior Fundraising Manager (Munster)

Hamilton Island – 2007

During Hamilton Island Race Week 2008, The Escaped Aussies selected Yalari as their local charity. Yalari is giving Indigenous children from remote communities around Australia a first class education through full boarding scholarships at the highest achieving secondary schools. They provide programs which break the cycles of poverty, abuse or other misfortune by educating children. Yalari believes that by educating a child you ultimately make the world a better place for all.

The Escaped Aussies raised A$4000 for Yalari through a generous matching donation from Macquarie Bank. VicSail led the effort by organizing a “donors only” Beneteau competition with prized donated by Ray Marine, Wild Oats Wine, and VicSail:

And the winner was: Pyrennes, Skipper Leanne Manley... but a huge thanks to all the boats that donated, which by the Escaped Aussies record includes:
  • Tresento
  • Holy Cow
  • Kat
  • Makaila
  • Nessie Too
  • Europa
  • Real Yachting
  • Pyrnnes
  • Yes Dear
  • Morning Mist
  • Carla M
  • Ropabull
  • Tuan
  • Apres Vous

And of course - the Escaped Aussies on Kioni

MEXORC – Puerto Vallarta Mexico – 2006

In March 2006, the Escaped Aussies contributed to The Refugio Infantil Santa Esperanza, a non-profit shelter for babies and children under the age of 14. Some of these children are orphans but most come from unbearable situations having been abused, neglected, or simply abandoned. The Children's Shelter of Hope Foundation is a United States 501c3 charitable organization, which permits donations through the foundation to be deductible from US income tax. Plans are currently underway for a similar foundation for Canadian donations.

Our local contact is a wonderful Canadian named Larry Kehler (aka Senior Fox for his striking resemblance to the former President of Mexico). Larry has been supporting RISE for years and his work has truly made a tremendous difference!

Information about how you can contribute can be found here.

Barbados & J-Fest San Francisco - 2005

The LiveStrongTM campaign has been an amazing success; the yellow wristbands have become common around the world as a way of support people living with cancer. We noticed LiveStrongTM was particularly prominent in the biking community and felt that extending the passion to the Sailing community would allow sailors to express their support in a unique way. SailStrong reflects how the Escaped Aussies feel about their sailing: serious, physically demanding, always striving to improve and win - but never over looking our obligations to support charities along the way. The Escape Aussies sold "SailStrong" hats from 2004-2006.

The Escaped Aussies are no longer raising money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation but would like to acknowledge several organizations that have supported us in fund raising including: Encinal Yatcht Club, Alemeda CA, Jworld San Francisco - Wayne Zittel, Mount Gay Rum, The Boatyard, and The Barbados Yacht Club; Barbados. We have many family and friends living with cancer and we dedicate this effort to them.