Richard Brandon

DOB: 9/30/1972 
Time in Australia: Vacation only, but approximately once or twice a year 
Prefered Position(s): Usual (not necessarily preferred) position - foredeck 
Notable Achievements: Not Available 

Sailing Experience

  • Cowes 2001. Also various inshore and off shore series in the greater Wellington and Cook Straight area, both in keelers (various designs, usually approx 33 feet) and small 2 man dinghies (again various designs)

Defining EA Moments

  • Apart from those already mentioned by the others...On the water...first race in Cowes - spin pole bent to (almost) 90 degrees after a perfectly executed Chinese gybe, if I remember rightly Yobs went overboard then as well, although I forget if that was the first or the second time. Or explaining to JK from the safety (??) of the foredeck that that going up to or near the mark was not quite enough, and that you actually had to go around it to properly complete that part of the course. Off the water... the 99 call on Darren with the huge lass, where he fell the floor and played dead.