Michael Bushman

DOB: 12/26/1967 
Time in Australia: Resident 13 months 1999ish - but heart never left 
Prefered Position(s): mast, grinder and navigator 
Notable Achievements: Not Available 

Sailing Experience

  • Bare minimum qualification in US Navy, numerous social sailing twilights in Sydney, Antigua 2000, Cowes 2001

Defining EA Moments

  • First night of Antigua Cap'n Morgan rum party: the rain, the bottle, Dr T's valiant attempt to go drink for drink with a 5 stone advantaged Bushman, our even more valiant (in tandem) attempt(s) to converse with the talent, attempting to secure Screwy's fully liquefied body in the cab, and (accidentally) achieving full airborne status of his inert form as we gently(?) tossed his body aboard boat...would have selected the 8 before 8 if I actually had recollections of much beyond 6..