Chris Daniels

DOB: 05/03/1969 
Time in Australia: All very good - Christmas 96??? Olympics 2000 
Prefered Position(s): Not Available 
Notable Achievements: Winner UK Tough Guy Competition 2003;Organizing the most carnage-fueled beer race that contained not 1, but 4 Olympic Gold medalists (their team came last);Intervarsity athletics triumph over Nash 

Sailing Experience

  • Antigua 2000 - Navigator
  • Cowes 2001 - Trim
  • Weekends in the Solent. Day Skipper 2002
  • Kings Cup, Thailand 2002 - Navigator, Backup Helm
  • City Sail 2004 - Bow

Defining EA Moments

  • No loss of map or GPS when flung overboard during force 7's in Cowes 01
  • Grabbing Microphone from Larry Ellison after Larry received 1st place trophies in Antigua - gave stunning tribute to the common Sailor
  • Hoisting spinnaker upside down at City Sail