Chris Baker

DOB: 2/17/1966 
Time in Australia: Feb '97 to Feb '97, Dec '00 to Jan '00 
Prefered Position(s): Not Available 
Notable Achievements: Not Available 

Sailing Experience

Not Available

Defining EA Moments

  • Working on the bow of an X332 in Cowes with Wattsy up to our knees in seawater while Captain Shipard calmly stayed the helm.
  • Sailing the boat back to St Maarten for return delivery Antigua, with Daz, Bush and Hastie, while the sun set and a small squall could be see just this side of the horizon. Awesome overnight sail.
  • Hanging out with crazed, drunken, rum stealing, womanizing, funnier than hell, nuts the first night in Antigua (May 2000) Wouldn't trade those memories for anything.