Brett Bonthron

DOB: some time in the mid 60's 
Time in Australia: 4 years in Sydney 
Prefered Position(s): Main Sail Trim, Kit Trim, Behind the mic singing 
Notable Achievements: 4 EA regattas 

Sailing Experience

  • Crew on Grandee 51' Swan, Sydney Harbor 1996-1999
  • Lion Island Race 1998
  • Hamilton Island Race Week Crew on Infinity III (Team Jaguar) Farr 60' Former Sydney to Hobart Winner
  • Antigua Race Week, Mast Man 2000
  • King's Cup Phuket Thailand Main Sail Trimmer, Kite Trimmer 2002
  • Les Voiles De Saint Tropez Main Sail Trim and Kite Trim, 2003
  • Crew on Kookaburra, J105 San Francisco 2001

Defining EA Moments

  • Forgetting to stock water on boat during Kings Cup Race in Thailand. Temperature hit 95 F with no wind. Fortunately rain squall hit and we got drinking water off the main.
  • Inviting Chris Baker onto the crew to take pre-eminent position as McGiver
  • Inviting Alan Slothower onto the crew - he has now become an avid sailor and a leader of the Escaped Aussies
  • Inviting Amiel Kornel to join crew in France - The Translator is born. What would we do with him in an English speaking country?
  • Bill McIlwain's Chinese gibe - he feels so guilty