Puerto Vallarta - 2006

MEXORC is a part of the month long Bay of Banderas festival center in Puerto Vallarta. The regatta is great because there is a strong Mexican contigent as well as boats from the San Diego to Puerto Vallarta regatta which always draws a good crowd and a group of world class boats – big and small.

The party scene is excellent in PV – primarily because some University some where is having Spring Break during the regatta and so the town is going off. The Escaped Aussies made the mistake of staying up at Paradise Village, a nice enough resort, but not where the fun really is. Marina Vallarta is where almost all the boats stay and it’s a great place with plenty of apartment rentals around. (oh, it’s also where the protest room is and we had a nasty experience of having a protest filed against us by a jerk and never knew about it…)

We chartered our boat from J-World Puerto Vallarta (part of J-World San Francisco) and had a great experience with their J120. They also run a fleet of J80s that race in a one design class. Those charterers seemed to have a great time – J80s are awesome little boats and Wayne Zittel’s staff are excellent coaches.

Sailing is great there – the Bay was very smooth and a sea breeze comes in every day at 11 am like clock-work. One of the races is a long distance race around an island. We took second overall in that race by timing the northerly wind shift that occurs every day.

Regatta stars:

MVP: Brett Bonthron, Main Sail and Kite Trim

Rookie MVP: Robert Putt (Tactitian) & Scott Bonthron (Mastman)