Mount Gay, Barbados - 2005

The Mount Gay Rum Regatta in Barbados is a great anchor to the highly respected Carribean Racing Season that occurs every Spring. The Regatta usually occurs in late May so it is warm there, roughly 90-90 (Temp and Humidity) by that time of year. The winds were good the whole time we were there which made the sailing competitive.

It is basically a local regatta drawing mostly boats from Barbados, Trinidad, and Tobago. Barbados is the Eastern most island in the Caribean and it requires a long painful beat to reach the island. This boat wrenching travel, plus the end of season make it one of the lesser attended in the Carribean Series. Thatís a shame because Barbados is a great island and this is a great regatta. The parties were frequent, hard, and the Escaped Aussies will never forget the fantastic music. The regatta is well organized but still has a very friendly feeling due to the laid back island attitude and the small size.