Les Voiles de St. Tropez, France - 2003

Where to Eat

Getting supplies for the boat can be tricky. Stores do not stay open that late and are expensive. When you get a chance stock up on all the food you think you will need. If you arrive late on a Saturday or Sunday, plan on starving until Monday midday.

Tip – The grocery stores are closed on Sunday and most are not open very late. Pick up food as soon as you have a chance.

We found a Supérette Casino located as you drive into St. Tropez, on the right hand side. Poor hours of operations but a typical grocery store selection of food. We found our beer, chips, meat and cheeses and water. However, it was not until the third day when we found the Supérette Casino. On the turn off road to St. Tropez, across the street from McDonalds, there was a “Wal-Mart” type of store. We never stopped since we used taxies while we were in St. Tropez. (See – Transportation as to what type of mistake not having a car was.)

Port Grimaud:

The best place that we found was in Port Grimaud, near where we stayed (see Accommodations). It was a 5min walk from the house we rented. It was a little coffee shop with tables outside. The owner would bring us our café-o-la out with a basket of pastries that were made fresh each day. We would also purchase some soft drinks and juices. It was a meeting place for the locals, who would bring their dog and smoke their cigarettes. You get to see the true French culture at this little café. There was a newspaper stand across the way, if you wanted to read a paper. Since we did not have much in the way of food we started each day with eating a few pastries and drinking 3 or 4 grand café au laits.