Kings Cup, Phuket - 2002

Party Scene & Lodging

The organized events are great. Very classy affairs with good entertainment and food. You need to buy a party ticket for each crew member, but these affairs cover dinner and drinks most every night and they’re yachties only.

That food does sit out there in the hot nights for a long period of time. Yes the crew did get a stomach bug – it was over in 24 hours but uncomfortable at the time.

Club 44 is the place to go after the regatta organized events. Try the Elephant Bar next door for the down to earth experience. Head into the large towns for good clubbing with backpackers well into the night. The backpacker scene on Phi Phi is fantastic!

There is plenty to do and see on the island. We strongly recommend getting motor bikes for the lay day and checking out the sights on the southern part of the island. There are some great beaches and cafes.