City Sailing Championships 2004


Held in Porquerolles , France this up-market and well run event is targeted towards the London City banking and corporate community. The premium event offers a form of casual competitive racing for average level sailors. Sponsored by Verve Cliqout among others, there is plenty of champagne on offer with premium catering for onshore events. The big attraction though is the casual competitiveness of the one design racing in a superb location and great weather.

There are 18 JOD 35’s racing together with average quality crews that ensures no breakaway teams and close racing with all boats making mistakes.

Porquerolles is located off the coast of Toulon in the South of France. It’s about a 20-minute ferry ride from Toulon. Porqerolles , despite being quite a tourist haven these days the town retains its charm centered on an ancient square overlooked by a beautifully preserved church. Local supermarkets and restaurants surround the square where people are often seen playing “patonk”, bowls with steel balls. Older folk will sit for hours on the square benches and watch the games.