Business Cup, Croatia - 2004

Detailed Rating

Escaped Aussies Have Spoken

A hidden gem of the international regatta scene – The Mayer Business Cup in Rogonizca, Croatia is one of the best regattas we have had the pleasure of sailing in. The Escaped Aussies say a big thank-you to all the Cup organizers and Marina Frapa for making us non Austrians feel welcome. Dr. Pavic, Marketing Director of Marina Frapa, is an Escaped Aussie himself after having lived in Canberra ,and went out of his way to make us feel at home. Eva Mayer of Mayer Yachting and our fearless committee leader Herr Schmidtlitner “Blondl” provided us coaching and included us in all the ceremonies. An overall rating of three sails makes this the one of the top regattas of the 10 the Escaped Aussies have sailed.


  • Very well organized Regatta, costs are good in the off season and the Marina Frapa is a World Class facility
  • A tremendous welcome of schnapps starts the regatta just right
  • International guests must know that the entire regatta is conducted in German from skippers briefing to the award ceremony, though race instructions are repeated in English. We were assigned an interpreter, Costanze Hummelt who worked tirelessly to convert blondies briefings and also became a good friend.
  • Three days of racing is a little short for international guest that have travelled far or transported a boat a long distance, especially with the risk of weather shortening the regatta.


  • Summer conditions can prevail in late October as the Escaped Aussies experienced – temperatures were in the 70s every day and no rain for the entire regatta.
  • Other Business Cups have had worse weather but in general conditions are good.

Racing Quality

  • Excellent organization, we expect no less from a bunch of fun loving Austrians
  • Sailing courses were changed as the weather conditions changed making each course nearly perfect
  • Sailing courses fit the skills level of type of boat well
  • Two races per day is very nice allowing teams to debrief over lunch and improve for the second race
  • Rating system is confusing and seems to favour cruising boat. The Business Cup might consider using an international standard. We understand this would be a lot of work but as the Business Cup becomes more popular internationally this will be a ne
  • Don’t be fooled, even though Austria has no ocean coast, there are many excellent sailors with several outstanding Croatian crews rounding out a very competitive regatta
  • Very gentlemanly sailing with very few protest and minimal shouting at mark roundings

Sailing Conditions

  • inds were variable, 10-15 knots day one, up to 25 knots day two. Day three saw gusts to 40 knots with heavy seas cancelling the race.
  • Northerly or easterly breezes create calm seas and comfortable racing
  • Waves become larger with short chop when the breeze is southerly


  • Rogonicza is a quiet little seaside town especially this time of year.
  • Not too many opportunities to mix with Croatians, but the staff at Marina Frapa are all friendly and helpful

Social Scene

  • There are several dinners during the regatta that promote mingling amongst crews, though arranged seat does not help. The Business Cup may want to consider more casual drinks sessions after races or buffet style dinners to promote mingling of crews, particularly for non-Austrians
  • Few organized parties, you make your own fun, but the impromptu boat parties, mainly those held by the Escaped Aussies, are a lot of fun and carry on well into the morning.
  • The squid goulash is off the menu, which is good


  • Charters are widely available and very well priced
  • Accommodation is easy to find very close to the marina if you don’t want to stay on your boat. It’s inexpensive and a great option in off season of October.
  • Flights into Croatia are not hard to find but buy early they can be expensive

Exotic Locale

  • The Dalmatian coast of Croatia is beautiful, with wind swept pine groves and some of the clearest water in the world due to the rocky bottom.