Antigua Race Week - 2000

Party Scene & Lodging


Dove Cove
PO Box 2694 Runaway Bay
St. John's Antigua, WI
Tel: 268 463 8600
Fax: 268 463 8601

While Dove Cove is on the other side of the Island, it was very relaxing on lay day and one of the races ended up in our back-yard. In general, we would recommend staying closer to English harbor or your charter company if you are chartering.


Stick to the natural wonders of the events put on by the regatta. The beaches with food stalls, the warm water are the best attractions. Drop anchor after the race in a nice cove Ė there are many- and enjoy a nice swim. The major town of St Johns is not worth the visit . The sights, tastes and sounds of English Harbor offers the best on shore experience.


The organized events are all you need as far as nightlife goes. The GREAT DICKENSON BAY BEACH BASH is the highlight of the entertainment with big long beach offering food, drink and dance. An outdoor nightclub on the beach is where most late nighters will end up. Catching those wobbly dugout canoes back to the boat is the major challenge here.

We had an especially large evening at Sunsail's Rum Punch party on Wednesday evening. Not to missed, especially if you are chartering from Sunsail.

For the nights where nothing is organized there are plenty of pubs in English harbor to choose from and invites to some of the higher profile crew parties are the hot ticket. Assign someone to find out the details of the parties early on. Donít forget your jacket and tie for the Lord Nelsons ball at the end of the week. A classy event to wind down the week.