Antigua Race Week - 2000

How To Sail It

The BIG regatta of the Caribbean attracts a lot of boats and some big names: Morning Glory, Pyewacket and Sayonara to name a few. The fleet is very competitive and recommended for experienced sailors. Some of the boats come over from Europe and many travel long distances. Expect their to be some serious guys who won't hesitate to go to the protest room.

Winds are generally very good on this regatta averaging around 20-30 Knots. Waves can be 6-8 feet and the currents relatively strong. Skills in sailing the rollers and handling the strong winds are critical. Heavy boats can do well in these conditions.

The courses are a combination of coastal courses and some windward leeward. In the coastal courses the key factors are current and clear air. Hugging the shore to avoid current is a must on the race to Rex Halcyon Cove. Smaller boat divisions will sometimes find themselves on the same leg as some of the big boats and can get stuck in their dirty air for some time. So donít stick around take avoiding action to maintain clear air. For the ocean race, again hugging the shoreline early before heading out to see may give some advantage on the first work to avoid current. Picking the proper side of the course is also critical here.