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The Escaped Aussies are a group of friends with some connection to Australia who are located all around the world and use sailing as a way of staying connected and seeing the world. Our motto is fun, learn, and win in that order.

We try never to do the same regatta twice and are slowly making our way through an endless list of global regattas that takes us across all continents. We charter boats suitable for racing in each location in a variety of classes from racer cruiser through to IRC and one design racing. We love the challenge of learning a new type of boat and conducting a successful campaign in a variety of settings, cultures and weather conditions.

The personality of the team is extroverted, fun and adventurous. We are respectful to the local cultures and organizers and try to contribute to these events in a very positive way that we are welcomed back.

When we started out with this vision we found it very difficult to find information on the worlds regattas. Who to charter from, where to stay, where to eat, how to get there, were not easy challenges in most cases. To make it easier for others who want to follow in our path we are collecting and publishing the information we learn at these events.

We also come across some cool sailing gear that is hard to find off the shelf. It may be some new sailing shorts from Costa Rica or a vest made in Croatia. We aim to publish this to the sailing community. It helps the supplier and the sailors exchange the best of breed, hard to find gear.

We welcome new members to our team. Sailing experience is not necessary. You just need a likeable personality and a taste for adventure, and most importantly, want to make a contribution whether it be your energy level, humor, sailing experience, knowledge of local languages, ability to design a good crew shirt, you get the idea.

Our original members were not necessarily Australian but all once lived in Australia. New members do not have to be Australian or necessarily have been there but have an Australian like attitude to life. I.e. work hard, play hard, egalitarian, try anything type of person.

Our long term mission is to continue to explore the world through sailing, build a great network of friends and professionals in the sailing community and give something back by being respected and positive contributors to each regatta, passing on information about the best of the worlds regattas, and cool gear to the sailing community. We also wish to explore how best to contribute to charities in the process.